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What Type Of Fabric Is My Inflatable Boat Made Of?

posted by The Captain @ 10:58 AM
Thursday, October 6, 2011

This is an important question that we are asked almost daily.

One of the major components of repairing or painting your inflatable boat is knowing which type of fabric it is made of. This is important to know as there are different preparation methods that need to be completed before painting or repairing your inflatable boat.

Hypalon Fabric:

Traditionally hypalon fabric is assembled using hand glued seams. The 2 panels are glued, one overlapping the other. A good indicator that your inflatable boat is made of hypalon fabric is by scratching the fabric with your nail. If a scratch mark appears, your inflatable boat fabric is most likely made of hypalon fabric. You might also notice dried glue (browned from the sun) or small areas that are lifting and coming unglued.

PVC Fabric: (also known as Strongan Fabric)

PVC fabric is typically assembled using the Robotized hot assembly technique; where by two fabrics are “heat welded” between an exterior reinforcement band and an interior airtight band. What you end up seeing is the exterior band, with 2 borders.

Most PVC boats have some areas that are also glued on. These areas are often found around the transom, sometimes the floor and some small parts and handles too.

The basic difference between boat manufacturer’s fabric is the chemical composition of the materials used. This of course is a big factor when repairing your inflatable boat, as the two fabrics require different preparation before the glue adhesive can be applied. The two fabrics also require different glues for their repair process, making this information important to know before making your repair.

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An Old Inflatable Boat From Rags To Riches Story

posted by The Captain @ 12:33 PM
Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Do you own an inflatable boat that looks like it has seen better days? We wanted to pass along a customer satisfaction story about how one boat owner successfully restored their old, faded, deteriorating inflatable boat to look like new!

For many boat owners, inflatable boats have become a must have product. But what is a boat owner to do when their inflatable boat becomes faded from years of wear and tear. For one boat owner, purchasing a new inflatable boat was just not an option.

Below are a few images of the restoration project, restoring a Hypalon rigid-hull inflatable boat:



The boat owner was successfully able to restore his uv damaged inflatable boat with a little elbow grease and Tuff-coat inflatable boat paint.

Using a regular one part paint system generally works if applied to the right type of boat under the right conditions. However, it will not rebuild the hypalon coating. This boat owner chose to use Tuff-coat inflatable boat paint to help restore his boat because of the two part basecoat- topcoat finish.

The basecoat sinks into the bare fabric and bonds the thread bare areas. While the topcoat works as a sealant, helping to keep your inflatable boat looking like new.

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Coast Guard info and websites

posted by The Captain @ 3:04 PM
Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Coast Guard of any country is dedicated to reducing loss of life, injuries, and property damage that occur on waterways by improving the knowledge, skills, and abilities of recreational boaters. There is so much information, advice, tips, courses that you can find on a coast guard website. Here are the 2 main North American Coast Guards.

U.S. Coast Guard

Canadian Coast Guard

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