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A Simple Guide to Boat Maintenance

posted by The Captain @ 1:58 PM
Thursday, May 24, 2012

Boat maintenance doesn’t have to be complicated. You can follow some simple procedures to have a great looking and properly working boat . But it takes up some time- so make sure you free yourself before you begin with boat maintenance activities:

Wash Your Boat
Wash your boat with soap and water after each trip. Use only safe and high quality products while washing the boat. You can use scrubbing brushes, cleaning brushes, cleaning pads, and soft cloth to eliminate dirt. After a good wash, dry the boat properly so that there is no rust or mold buildup, or staining.

Take Care of the Engine
Your boat’s engine is an important part of the boat and it needs to be maintained regularly. Change the oil filters, fuel filter, water separator, and spark plugs every few months and grease the engine after every 3-4 days of use. The engine oil must be clean and at the right level. Also, check the engine’s cooling mechanism regularly including coolant levels, the water pump, impellers, and thermostats.  This will make sure your boat doesn’t give any problems while it is on the water. There’s nothing worse than being on the water and your boat breaks down.

Boat maintenance is relatively easy but it takes time. It is best to make a checklist of steps to follow during regular maintenance activities. Go through the manufacturer’s boat maintenance guidelines to understand what your boat needs.

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posted by The Captain @ 9:37 PM
Wednesday, May 23, 2012

KeelGuard Engineering
Every aspect of the patented Keel Guard has been designed with boat designers and 3M engineers. Many factors contribute to its success. A precise, abrasive-resistant blend of polymers and urethanes achieve optimal durability and pliability. A pressure-sensitive adhesive creates strength, while permanently bonding and sealing Keel Guard’s contoured edges to the hull surface. Angled grooves produce hydrodynamic channels, creating air pockets and providing a slicker surface. The perfect combination of these factors makes the Megaware KeelGuard the easiest keel protector to install, and give it unparalleled quality and dependability.

  • Protect against abrasive sand, rocks, concrete ramps and oyster beds
  • Eliminate costly repairs
  • Enjoy the highest quality and superior engineering

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Purchasing A Used Inflatable Boat or Kayak: Buying Tips

posted by The Captain @ 11:51 AM
Thursday, October 13, 2011

One of the biggest problems when shopping for a used inflatable boat, inflatable kayak or RIB, is how to tell if the craft meets your needs. Some inflatable boats or inflatable kayaks appear to look spartan and commercially orientated and therefore are unsuitable for family and sporting use, however, these inflatable boats may provide an excellent safe boat albeit without any luxuries.

Inflatable boats and kayaks are a great way to enjoy the waters without having to pay thousands of dollars. RIBs are generally a sound investment as used boat prices are very strong, thus making it a great financial investment over such boats as the GRP sport boats or traditional sport boats which tend to depreciate very quickly.

Buying a used inflatable boat, such as a RIB, can be very confusing at times, however, it is usually the mechanics of the engine and soundness of the trailer which require the most attention. Engine problems can be quite costly and having a thorough inspection on the inflatable boat before purchase could save you money.

Here are a few things we recommend you check when buying a used inflatable boat:

  • Check for major repairs to the buoyancy tubes. Half stuck patches may indicate an amateur repair and these should be attended to as soon as possible.
  • Careful inspection of the hull to tube attachments should show any problems in this area and common sense should prevail, however, check for tell-tale glue stains on the GRP and tube as this could indicate a previous problem that has been hastily repaired.
  • Check around the fuel tank for rust or old fuel as breakdowns at sea can often be attributed to polluted fuel.
  • Consider having the engine inspected by a professional before purchasing, as engine repairs can be quite costly.
  • Check to make sure the water pump is pumping through the correct volume of cooling water. Weak water flow is a good indicator that there might be a blocked outlet. If the pump is working incorrectly, overheating may have occurred and damage to the piston rings or bearings may have resulted.
  • As per usual, the trailer requires visual attention, paying particular attention to the draw bar and hitch, ensuring that the ball locking system is safe and operating correctly.
  • Wheel bearings and breaks, if fitted, are a major area for careful inspection. Breaks frequently become stiff or totally seized due to immersion in salt water and should be checked for correct rotation.
  • The trailers wheel bearings should also be checked; spin the wheel and listen for bearing noise/rumble. If the bearings are noisy, do not attempt to tow the boat without first replacing the bearings
  • Finally, inspect the winch, particularly the winch strap or wire.

Generally speaking, with used inflatable boats, what you see is what you get and there should be no reason to suppose that if the tubes and hull appear fair that there are any hidden problems; however, our recommended check list should help provide a guide to the main problem areas.

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KeelGuard: Protect Your Boat’s Hull

posted by The Captain @ 11:10 AM
Thursday, September 29, 2011

Over time your boat’s keel can break down its protective gelcoat finish, allowing water to reach and destroy the fiberglass laminates. KeelGuard is a keel protector that helps protect your boat from abrasive sand, rocks, concrete ramps and oyster beds. By applying the KeelGuard to the hull of the boat, you are actually creating a permanent barrier to help protect the hull of your boat.

KeelGuard is a very simple product to install, and has been created for those DIY customers. By following the step-by-step instructions found in the KeelGuard kit, you can install the KeelGuard yourself in about one hour or less. Read more

“Installation was a breeze, I actually put it on in the parking lot of a casino in Laughlin NV. We sure like it and look at it as a small insurance policy on our investment.” Michael M. Glendale, CA. – KeelGuard Customer

Typically, the KeelGuard is mounted 4 – 6 inches above the waterline on the bow, ending 2 – 3 feet or more beyond the lowest point of the keel. For personal watercraft, begin the KeelGuard approximately 1 inch below the bow hook, running the length of the keel, and ending 4 – 6 inches forward of the pump intake.

An important note to keep in mind: the KeelGuard should not be applied over boat bottom or anti-fouling paint. Often times the paint will fail and pull away from the boat taking the KeelGuard with it. Anti-fouling paints are designed to wear off over time, and for obvious reasons are not conducive for a good bonding surface. If boat bottom or anit-fouling paints is already on the boat, it should be sanded off the area where the KeelGuard will be applied. This will insure a permanent bond of the 3M adhesive. If desired, boat bottom or anti-fouling paint can be applied over the KeelGuard once it has been installed.

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